Why SpendaPool?

SpendaPool is an elite, integrated software solution built specifically for the pool and spa industry. Every aspect of your business should be at your fingertips. Instantly.

Put simply, SpendaPool helps you run the entire business like a pro, and it’s very easy to use.

Connecting your customers, suppliers, inventory, POS, service management, water testing systems and financials in one unified system should be easy, not a nightmare.

Here is how SpendaPool offers more than any other integrated software and can spike your business efficiency, customer experience and profit revenue.

01. Full Visibility
  • Connect Your Business Data 
    Your customers, suppliers, inventory and finance are connected entirely across all our SpendaPool systems.
  • Better Customer Connectivity
    Customer preferences, history, frequent purchases and debit owed are available instantly. Build trust, know what you’re owed.
  • GPS Tracking & Lead Routing
    Save time and money by tracking, scheduling and managing technicians live while optimising fastest routes. Includes GPS bread-crumbing to see where they’ve been and are headed.
  • Team Based Scheduling
    Assign the right team to tasks in store or on the move. Create, update or delete jobs in a heartbeat with intuitive scheduling tools.
  • Manage Inventory
    View and edit your complete stock list and value across multiple warehouses. Remove your chances of re-entering data and going out of or over stock.
  • Staff Incentive Programs, Commissions & Timesheets
    Help team members grow within your company by setting up custom commission roles. Create transparency and accurate payroll with integrated timesheets.
02. Service Management
  • Book & Schedule Jobs
    Our drag and drop scheduler organises your team instantly. Better communication saves valuable time. You can also use our templates or simply create your own.
  • Empower Multiple Technicians
    Your multiple technicians manage jobs, quotes, invoices and chemical tests from their phones or tablets. Easily monitor or edit their routes and tasks in real-time.
  • Faster Communications
    Book online and view your job sheets, service history and in-store tests. Pool test results, observations and recommended actions for chemical qualities are quicker than ever.
  • Better Connection To Suppliers
    Instantly add, import, edit and track products from your suppliers. Track your order amount and when you will receive it in real-time.
  • Full Territory Management
    Auto-assign customers to the correct territories and be notified by out-of-territory work. Create, manage and convert quotes to as many customers as you wish across the whole field.
03. Faster Water Testing Hardware
  • Testing In Under 3 Minutes
    SpendaPool connects to multiple spin calculators via bluetooth. Waterlink quickly sends dosage instructions to the customer. You grab the items, complete the sale. Done. Save time and long queues.
  • Wide Range Of Spin Links
    Our SpendaPool system connects to LaMotte Spin lab, LaMotte Spin Touch and Wave III Express systems.
  • Powerful Chemical Calculator
    Our calculator adjusts in seconds to water volume, surface type, sanitiser and more. Set default targets for chemical tests or simply create link up your own surface and sanitiser options.
  • Manage Chemistry In Real-Time
    Access the chemical history of all your pools at anytime from the portal. We link all recommendations and dosage rates to your product lists instantly.
  • Customisable Water Tests
    Specialising tests for individual customers means creating recommend orders unique to them. Providing quick information means maximising sales potential.
04. Complete Financial Integration
  • In Seconds, Not Hours
    Your sales, customers, inventory and any payment data integrates immediately into your MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks accounts from SpendaPool.
  • No More Re-Entering Data
    We save you precious time and money removing more than one data entry. Integrate transactions as they happen and have immediate access.
  • Access Anywhere, Anytime
    Our SpendaPool system is built to be user-friendly and tablet-based. Meaning you have access to all your data whenever you need it.
  • Simplify HR & Payroll
    Our integrated timesheet, commission and incentive programs means you keep track of your expenses to keep you on top of your financial affairs.
  • No More ATO Headaches
    We know how annoying it can be tracking down miscalculated expenses. Our fully integrated system works flawlessly to make lodging with the ATO painless.
05. Point Of Sale
  • Take Any Kind Of Payment
    Your multiple payment methods are quick and easy on SpendaPool. Process customer payments via EFTPOS, credit card, cash, cheque and debtor account.
  • Integrate With Your Financials
    Customers or suppliers are paid directly with our POS system, so you can allocate this transaction instantly into your financials or scan and process counter sales.
  • Flexible Functionality
    Apply debtor pricing, create salesperson IDs, track open floats, control cash drops and record the payment method you support. Also integrate payments with direct debits to be paid faster.
  • Process Stock Movements
    View and manage all downward movement of stock with each sale using the linked warehouse for POS locations. Having all warehouses linked means all your stock is managed efficiently.
  • Mobile Payments
    You have multiple ways to receive payments and send invoices on SpendaPool. This can be at job completions, on the road, in person or online. Credit card details can even be photographed and integrated quickly to improve your cash flow.

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