As a pool or spa business operator, we know it’s hard for you to manage jobs, bookings, tasks, customers, technicians, payments, water testing, assets, timesheets, routes and staff all at once.

That’s why we designed SpendaPool to give all your data a group hug.

Service takes your pool or spa business to the highest level by giving you all the following:

  • Team-Based Scheduling – Assign the right team to the right job with intuitive scheduling tools.
  • Multi Technicians Per Job – More the merrier! Our system tracks all your technicians progress live.
  • Customers Can Book Online – And view your service history. Better transparency means more trust.
  • Job & Asset Management – Detailed service records and recurring schedules for customer equipment.
  • Lead Routing – Save $ and time by completing more jobs faster using our job route optimisation.
  • Better Customer Feedback – Instantly track customer preferences, frequent purchases and debt owed.
  • Customisable Water Testing – Give unique reports, information and recommendations to customers.
  • Territory Management – Auto-assign customers to correct territories, get notified by out-of-territory work.
  • Free GPS Tracking – Know your technician and stock location without paying a fortune.
  • GPS Breadcrumbing – See where technicians have been and where they’re headed.
  • Staff Benefits & Programs – Help your team and company grow by setting up custom commission roles.
  • Timesheeting – Improved transparency to ensure accurate payroll with integrated timesheets.